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Brush Arbor has been around for quite a while and it still is our feeling that image is important.Josh Graves said once that he might go on stage with two legs missing but he never would go on stage looking like a homeless person. The image that Brush Arbor presents on-stage is important to us and to those who we entertain. We try not only to uphold the music of the founding fathers of bluegrass but also in our manner of attire. Joe

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We will present a few shots to see how we work our shows. Over on your left --Click (PHOTOS) We try to take off in a run with a couple of fast numbers and then say our "howdy's" and keep it moving.  Interaction with the audience is a mandate with our band! We work close around the mike for vocal harmony and instrumentals also. Our comments and one liners are short and often include the audience.  

For our many years of fun and success as a bluegrass band, We give all the honor and glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! We are honored to have Gary Adams (fiddle player deluxe) working with us now. He has a great style and knows how to pull a bow just right.

The Story of "BrushArbor"

A brush arbor was often the answer for church meetings in the south years ago. It was simple. Some brush was piled on top of a structure of wood to provide shade and shelter. If you were lucky, a little breeze would come through and provide a little comfort from the summer heat. That's what "BrushArbor" hopes to provide. A little comfort from the harshness of the world. You'll hear sounds reminiscent of the old songs you listened to on the radio Saturday nights of long ago. Songs from a time when the Opry was young and the music was pure. The hard driving 5 string banjo of Joe Cupp (Ole Joe Clark) kicks the group into a full gallop right out of the gate. Bruce White's rock solid bass and the mandolin work of Bobby Williams and Kacey Cannon's singing brings the true foundation of lead singing laid by the Monroe brothers into the mix. Our latest addition to the band is Rev. Gary Adams on fiddle. Gary has enough talent for 4 or 5 people. The icing on the cake comes with the "straight from the heart" vocals of  the Brush Arbor Bluegrass Band. Come visit us for a meeting in the "BrushArbor".

Just hang on folks...we'll be getting some more pics and good stuff for you to see real soon! We've been real busy in 08-09 working festivals and doing shows all over east Tennessee and North Ms. One special trip we took was to Brushy Mt. State Prison. where we worked 3 shows. Man...what an experience that was!

There is a little story that is seldom told, but holds a heap of meaning to the banjo player for BrushArbor. The story is about Earl Scruggs, the man accredited with introducing the scruggs method or (three finger) style of picking the banjo to the entertainment industry. Sure, there were other pickers who used this method but Earl took the ball and ran with it. In doing so, he revolutionized bluegrass music. He began his career with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys but soon came together with Lester Flatt and formed a band called the Foggy Mountain Boys.    It seems that somewhere along their many miles of travel, something rather remarkable happened that I doubt Earl would have ever remembered. It was in the early afternoon after the Martha White bus had stopped in front of the high school auditorium and the instruments were being unloaded. Preparations were being made to do another show in the small town of Potts Camp Ms.. A 11 year old boy came walking up the sidewalk carrying his guitar and said, "Howdy there Mr. Earl, I was wondering if you would help me tune my guitar here." Earl then sat down on some steps beside the little boy and took up the Silvertone guitar and began turning the tuning keys as the little boy looked on. He then picked a little of "You are my flower" as his admirer looked on speechless.    It's been some fifty odd years since that day and times have changed. I wonder if our super stars would take the time today to sit down and make a thumbprint on a little boy's heart like Earl did mine?    That little boy grew up, but never forgot sitting there beside Earl. He didn't have to take the time, but he did. I'll never pick like Earl, but neither will anybody else. The fact that he took the time to sit down with me has helped me to stand a little taller. Joe Cupp-- Do ya' like my suspenders?----->

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

"Brush Arbor" especially likes to visit churches and festivals to give the audiences a down home---old time good family time. Guarantee to make you bring back a memory of days gone by. Playing and singing the old ones! Tunes like "Gone Home..."Love of the Mts."..."Old Rattler" along with songs that were written by members of the band. Call for a booking:(901)-603-1885